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Ny Mjukvara Denon S-3700 Hybridmode m,m, (Sida 1 av 1)

Ny Mjukvara Denon S-3700 Hybridmode m,m, 
 (Sida 1 av 1)

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  • Hessler
    Inlägg: 587 st
  • #1 Fredagen den 8 oktober 2010 kl 06:34

    Ny Mjukvara Denon S-3700 Hybridmode m,m,

    Saxat från

    ???Attention! NEW DN-S3700 SOFTWARE SYS 2000 (Oct 2010)???
    by DENON on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:41 pm

    In order to DL the latest firmware, you need to join our Denon DJ Club, here:

    Register yourself and player(s)
    Once you register, you will be able to see the DL file in your account.
    Unzip the DL in a folder of your choice, then follow the easy .pdf "Read Me" directions.

    How to check your version number is here;

    (Please read the PDF instructions that come with the DL file)

    Hybrid MIDI Mode Manual is found here: ... ?ts=043350

    Latest Plug In?s: v2000 (with new Hybrid MIDI Mode) (as of Oct 8, 2010)

    ? Added Hybrid MIDI mode for Serato Scratch Live and other DVS applications.

    ? Added "Hybrid MIDI Sel" menu to the Preset Menu for specifying Hybrid use with different DVS applications.
    -You can select SSL or 1.2kHz, 2.0kHz, 3.0kHz under this selection for proper compatibility of your DVS application.
    SSL is the default selection

    ? Added "Jog Pulse Sel" menu to the Preset Menu
    -Previously, the DN-S3700 utilized a 1480 Pulse setting for the platter. We have added a new 2960 cylce setting which effectively doubles the platter resolution of your DN-S3700!
    *1480/cycle is the default selection

    ? Improved the "AutoBPM" engine and detection for better and more precise accuracy

    Please post any questions/comments/concerns about this update in this thread.



    Before you proceed, you should ALWAYS verify your software version installed in your Denon DJ product to avoid unnecessary download. Your product may already be up to date and no action is required.

    So how do you check the software version?
    Follow these simple steps:

    * Step 1:Turn the power On. In Cue or Pause mode, hold down the button labeled ?-preset? for 2 seconds. The display should then indicate that you are in the preset mode.

    * Step 2: Then, turn the Parameter knob counterclockwise (backwards) until the display shows "Version No". Push down on the Parameter Knob to view the version number.

    If your system version number does not match the Latest Plug In?s version listed above, please proceed with the download unless special instructions are specified under Latest Plug In?s.
    Silvio Zeppieri
    Denon DJ Brand Manager, D&M Professional
    100 Corporate Drive
    Mahwah, New Jersey, 07058 (USA)

    //DJ Hessler

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