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Traktor 2.1.1 update now online! (Sida 1 av 1)

Traktor 2.1.1 update now online! 
 (Sida 1 av 1)

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  • #1 Fredagen den 23 september 2011 kl 12:15

    Traktor 2.1.1 update now online!

    För de som inte följer NI's forum.

    The 2.1.1 update for Traktor is now available for download via Service Center. Please see below for the list of improvements and fixes.


    New / improved features:

    Individual Keylock, FX Enable and Headphone Cueing for sample deck slots
    Multi-core processor support
    Automatic jogwheel calibration for Kontrol S2 and S4
    New option for additional mixer headroom
    ID3 v2.3 Tag compatibility
    Option to disable Sample Auto-Save
    Jump size display when hovering over stripe
    Improved Setup Wizard
    Readibility of waveform display, phase meter and level meter improved
    Support for Kontrol S2


    GUI tempo fader decoupled from Scratch and Tempo Bend
    Pitch Bend behavior on stopped deck fixed
    Cueing accuracy of CD timecode fixed
    Core Audio sample rate matching fixed

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