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Ny tabletop Denon SC 3900 (Sida 1 av 1)

Ny tabletop Denon SC 3900 
 (Sida 1 av 1)

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  • #1 Fredagen den 25 november 2011 kl 09:27

    Ny tabletop Denon SC 3900

    Från Denon DJ Forums

  • Gugge
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  • #2 Lördagen den 11 februari 2012 kl 10:59

    Så då var det offecielt.

  • 7an
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  • #3 Söndagen den 12 februari 2012 kl 08:04

    Gött mooos

    Skall bli kul och se vad dessa spelare har att erbjuda gentemot CDJ 2000 Nexus *Host* *host*


  • Gugge
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  • #5 Tisdagen den 21 februari 2012 kl 09:29

    Nu är specarna på denna spelare släppt:

    Och en Youtube klipp finns här:

    Denon DJ - SC3900
    Digital Turntable and Media Controller with 9-inch Active Platter

    ? 9-inch Active Platter with High Torque Direct Drive Motor
    ? Media Server for "Engine" Software
    ? Player Link Network ? File Share between Networked SC3900
    ? Playback Direct from USB / PC / CD
    ? Fully Mappable MIDI Controller
    ? USB Direct Playback

    DJing has progressed to a new era with the evolution of digital media. In a world that was once first dominated by vinyl, then CDs, and now the emerging USB and streaming devices, it?s time to revolutionize the DJ booth, because right now as a DJ you make a choice between DJing with a turntable, a turntable and software, or a CDJ/Controller. No one device has ever managed to give you the flexibility to choose depending on your performance, style or your audience.
    That is, until now.

    Denon DJ is proud to introduce the SC3900: Digital Turntable and Media Controller with 9-inch Active Platter. Utilizing a completely redesigned High-Torque Direct Drive Motor that exactly mirrors the feel of vinyl, the SC3900 brings home that familiar feel but with the choice of CD, USB, Software, or even a networked Media server as your source of tracks.

    ?The 9-inch platter makes scratch moves more nimble by being that little bit smaller, but maintains the perfect amount of space to grip it, scratching & mixing tracks feels no different than using vinyl? --DJ Switch, SC3900 endorsee and 3x World DMC Champion.

    Years of development with top international DJs has allowed Denon DJ to perfect the platter of the SC3900 for use with digital media without losing that feel of vinyl (the surface of the platter is actually a 9? vinyl disc!) ? all allowing Scratch DJ champions like DJ Switch to push their performances even further than possible with a vinyl ?record?.

    ?Doing DMC-style hard-core scratch sets are made so much easier without worrying about needles & skipping records? --DJ Switch

    Playback and scratch tracks from a myriad of sources including USB ?sticks? or USB Hard Disk Drives via the top mounted USB port. This allows the move from venue to venue with just a single USB device and not a laptop or CD collection, although the SC3900 can also playback CDs via the front loading CD slot, giving you true flexibility of your media choices.

    The SC3900 also comes complete with the brand new ?Engine? music management software that has been designed with players such as the SC3900 in mind, allowing the ultimate in DJ set preparation, playback and control.

    Prepare the perfect set in the studio or on a computer at home, then export it to a USB stick or Hard Disk Drive and have everything needed for your DJ performance in a device small enough to fit in your pocket. Then, when it?s time to perform simply plug in and play, and even share the USB drive?s files with up to three other compatible players over a network.

    Once your networked players are sharing the music from one USB device, it?s easy to manage, cue, and play to any player via an iPad with the new Engine iPad app (requires downloading from the App Store). Engine for iPad seamlessly controls your set wirelessly through a network ? all via its large full-colour touchscreen. And there is no need to worry about computer or connection problems; should the iPad become disconnected, your music is still securely connected to the player via USB, leaving playback, and your audience?s attention, uninterrupted.

    Additionally, playback of files on your PC or MAC is possible with the included ?Engine? music management software which doesn?t even require a high specification computer to work quickly and efficiently. With file searching speeds that leaves most other software standing still, Engine?s power is achieved by leaving the intensive audio processing at the player so the software is free to run before, or during your performance, utilizing the full capabilities of your computer.

    Prepare music on a USB device, playback music through Engine PC or Mac software, and control via networked players or even through a network connected iPad.
    Hybrid MIDI mode has been a flexible feature and a great benefit to previous Denon DJ devices and it?s no different with the SC3900. Complete with the ability to be MIDI mapped to work with a wide variety of applications, the SC3900 can control DJ software utilizing DVS, without using time code CDs, making the SC3900 the most complete and flexible player Denon DJ has ever produced.

    For performers who can?t or don?t want to choose between software, vinyl, CD, and digital media as well as those who want the ability to use one controller that doesn?t rely on a high-spec computer to perform, the Denon DJ SC3900 is the player that you have been waiting for.

    ? Compatible with included ENGINE Music Management Software (PC/Mac)
    ? ENGINE iPad app available for easy file searching and player status display
    ? Player Link function for sharing USB drives across multiple SC3900s (up to four) and for connection to ENGINE software (PC/Mac/iPad).
    ? Completely redesigned 9-Inch platter equipped with a brushless high-torque direct drive motor
    ? Seamless switching between media source devices
    ? Real vinyl platter mode with independently adjustable start and stop times
    ? Built-In USB / MIDI control function
    ? Built-In USB audio interface (ASIO / CORE compliant)
    ? Hybrid MIDI mode included for DVS applications
    ? Supports CD-DA, CD-ROM and audio playback from USB memory devices (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV)
    ? Burr Brown 24 bit DAC processing for superior audio fidelity
    ? Redesigned PLAY and CUE buttons for greater tactile feel and response
    ? Fast search and quick jump functions
    ? Top mounted USB port for USB stick and hard disk drives
    ? 4 dedicated Hot Cues (8 in MIDI mode via MIDI layer option)
    ? Auto / manual loop functions
    ? Reverse and dump platter effects
    ? Deep pitch resolution and key adjust
    ? Strobe indicator
    ? 4-Way BPM counter (Auto BPM, Manual TAP, Manual BPM, Reads BPM Metadata)
    ? BPM sync feature
    ? 3-way pitch bend functionality
    ? Digital output
    ? Fast loading slot-in drive

  • Hessler
    Inlägg: 587 st
  • #6 Onsdagen den 18 april 2012 kl 10:49

    Jag fick hem dom första SC3900 som sålts i sverige igår :-)

    Hann inte testa dom så mycket men jag hann i alla fall koppla upp spelarna mot nätverk med min laptop och körde med ett USB minne i ena spelaren o det fungerade klockrent.
    Testade också med CD och konstaterade att 1 den läser snabbare 2 man får vågform i displayen även på CD:-)
    Torq på vinylen är brutal 3Kg det går inte att stoppa skivan med den lilla knoppen i mitten hur hårt man än trycker!!! Vinylkänslan är nu 110% dvs bättre än Technics 1210:-)

    Jag skall köra dom på en spelning i helgen med 2st USB minnen 1 med hela mitt bibliotek som körs i Engine just nu och 1 med önskemål från kunden. Jag återkommer förhoppningsvis med en utförligare test när jag hunnit gå igenom allt om intresse finns??

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